Baby Girl Gets Her Ears Pierced At The Piercing Pagoda

Piercing Pagoda Baby Girl
Daddy comforting his little trooper.

I finally took my 8-month-old to get her ears pierced, after months of debating when and if I’d even go through with it. I wasn’t in a rush, plus I wondered if it was a choice I should force on my daughter.

In the end, I decided to move forward anyway because it’s not the worst body modification in the world. If she ever decides that she doesn’t want to wear earrings then she doesn’t have to and that’s that. Yes, the holes in her ears will be permanent, but they’re small and not noticeable.

I do hope she picks up my  love of earrings (no pressure if she doesn’t), but I have a long way to go before I find that out so for now, I’ll enjoy being able to dress her. Her earrings, Peridots for her birth month (August), are really cute. Green is a gorgeous color on her beautiful brown skin.

As far as the actual piercing experience, I chose Piercing Pagoda because I read on their site that they have two piercing techs work on babies–one on each side to pierce at the same time–to minimize pain. That wasn’t my experience. There was one tech waiting for us and I’m annoyed about that, but overall the experience was good. The tech knew what she was doing, she handled Ella’s fidgety self well, and the outcome was good.

There are a few options for baby ear piercing. The other option I considered before settling on Piercing Pagoda was a piercing service run by nurses. It was a lot more expensive than Piercing Pagoda, but I liked that it was medical professionals that ran the service and you had the option of either going in office or having them come to you. However, I settled on Piercing Pagoda because I spoke to people who had taken their babies there and had good experiences. It also helped that it was economically a better choice. The service run by nurses tempted me because they could come to your house if you chose that option, but it would cost $300, or possibly more depending on where you live. I knew I would have had to pay more because I live in a different borough. Taking  Ella in office would have costed $150 so I figured that if I was going to take her somewhere, then I’d go to the closest place, which was Piercing Pagoda. There I paid $60. You pay for the earrings and get the piercing for free.

I’m sharing this because I surprisingly didn’t find much solid info about getting a baby’s ears pierced, from actual customers, that was dated after 2014. So, I hope that helps.

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