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MAM Toothbrushes For The Battle Of Toddler Teeth

MAM Toothbrushes

MAM’s First Toothbrush has been instrumental in my journey through brushing my toddler’s teeth, but let’s start at the beginning. Brushing my toddler’s teeth used to be struggle city. I started brushing her teeth with an actual toothbrush  when she turned 18-months (prior to that I used a cloth) and filed it under another thing on the long list of battles that my toddler and I had to endure. I mean, she would literally fight me and I felt helpless as I tried pleading with her and negotiating various ways I could attempt to brush her teeth. The good news is it gets better. After a couple of months of torture, she finally decided to get into brushing her teeth. She doesn’t fight me any more; now she anticipates it and especially loves when she gets the chance to brush her own teeth. She’s closer to two so maturity definitely has a lot to do with it as well.

I don’t have any real advice for how to make brushing you toddler’s teeth less of a battle, but it does help to have patience and a good toothbrush. I found that in MAM. We had been using MAM pacifiers when Ella was an infant so using the toothbrush was a natural progression.

MAM has different type of toothbrushes for all your baby brushing needs, but the one I have is the “First Brush. I like it because it’s BPA-free, compact and easy for my daughter to hold, the bristles are soft and ergonomically engienered to properly cleanse tiny mouths.

We took her to her first dental appointment recently and got a glowing report. That is definitely due to starting good dental habits early and using a toothbrush that works for us.

And here’s a picture of my munchkin smiling fo added cuteness.



But again, I’m learning that every battle that I fight with my tiny terrorist will eventually get much better. Cheers to bright smiles and healthy dental habits.