Zunzi's Sandwich Shop

Visit Savannah Because The Best Sandwich You’ll Ever Have Is At Zunzi’s

I visited Savannah, Ga the first week in April with my fellow HU Mommies (the HU stands for Hampton University) and the entire trip was lit, particularly my Zunzi’s experience! Hold that thought though because I need to give you a quick highlight real of Savannah.

One of the adjectives you’ll hear often to describe Savannah is “quaint.” It’s cliche, but so true. The architecture is unique, its history is unique (it’s one of the only Southern cities with Civil Rights Protests that wasn’t destroyed by riots, but Savannah’s fascinating history is a different post), the beautiful Spanish Moss adorns over trees everywhere, and finally, the food! That brings us back to Zunzi’s, a South African-inspired sandwich shop.

Zunzi's Savannah, Ga.
Zunzi’s short but sweet menu.

It’s literally a hole in the wall where you walk up to the counter, order and then sit outside if there’s a table available and it’s amazing. I went in with no expectations, despite the fact that it was featured in multiple places in the culinary geek worlds as one of the best sandwiches in the world.  I’m a cynic, so I believe everything when I have tangible proof.

And I got the proof!

The Godfather Sandwich
The Zunzi’s Godfather!

I had a sandwich called “the Godfather” and it was heaven. It consisted of a savory marriage of sausages and chicken with lettuce, tomatoes, provolone, marinara, the kitchen sink, and their tangy Shit Yeah sauce. I repeat, they have Shit Yeah sauce and that is the key. Shit Yeah sauce is one of a few signature Zunzi’s sauces and it makes all your problems disappear. Not really, but it feels like that once it hits your taste buds. The sauce is so good that they sell it among of variety signature sauces including the Hot-As-Shit sauce, which is my favorite because I love spicy food (steer clear if spice isn’t your bag). You can purchases sauces there to take with you or have them shipped, you can also order online for shipping, which made me praise dance in my head. I have two bottles of Zunzi’s sauce in my fridge and they will continue to be staples from now on (you can use it on almost anything). They also sell Zunzi’s tea leaves.

Their most popular sandwich is the “Conquistador” and I heard that was good too. They also have bunny chow, a popular South African dish, and vegan and gluten-free options. For the sake of brevity, I’ll end my love letter here, but go to Zunzi’s! Put Savannah, Ga on your travel bucket list just so you can go to Zunzi’s. It is a travel foodie’s paradise. You won’t regret it.

Shit-Yeah! … We’re open! … Shit-Yeah!

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